Ever wanted to buy and sell quickly without the hassle of dealing with strangers? Now you can. Tellallmyfriends is the trusted local marketplace on your phone, where you buy and sell with friends. Available on Android and iOS for free.

Digital Bananas Technology (DBT)  is proud to launch the world’s first truly local marketplace for friends. List things you no longer need, see what your friends are selling, and find things you really want – all without the hassle of dealing with strangers.

Tellallmyfriends allows you to create a trusted local market place within your circle of friends and colleagues, giving you instant access to services, products and more. Invite your friends to see what they’re listing, see items their friends have listed, and get the latest in news, comments, and updates from your circle of friends.

Buying and selling goods and services online is now on a whole new level thanks to the ingenuity of this integrated lifestyle app.

  • Buy from people you know and trust
  • Get rid of things you no longer want or need
  • See what your friends are selling and get great deals
  • Shift things quickly and easily
  • Buy and sell services with friends
  • Enjoy all of this at your fingertips with an integrated lifestyle application right on your mobile

Push notifications mean that you never miss a listing from your network, and the easy-to-use interface makes finding the things you need so simple. All this and more are built into your mobile with easy contact integration and a great user interface.

Want to find a great product, sell something you no longer need or find a service provider in your area? It’s time to Tellallmyfriends! Harness the power of word of mouth to get what you need when you need it – at a great deal, from within your circle of trust. Download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.db.tellallmyfriends