Our Signature Area

Responsive web and mobile portals are essential for today’s web-savvy mobile users. This is the Digital Bananas Signature area, and we have developed a methodical and organised approach to a full-scale strategy encompassing live market research, spending trends, portal development and design concepts to ensure that your end result is a highly usable and top-performing portal.

Ensuring Success

This ensures successful portals that roll with the times and deliver on high-end expectations in design, development, usability and client expectations. Combined with our sophisticated project management environment, you can be safe in the knowledge that your idea is in the best, most capable hands.

We specialise in mobile first strategies, and we are constantly looking to deliver web and mobile portals that are responsive to the multiscreen user. It is essential that your portal offers a streamlined presence across all devices – whether the user is accessing it on a Mac, PC, iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Tablet or other device.

Dynamic Approach

Our unique and dynamic approach incorporates a thorough understanding of what your customers are doing on a daily basis, how they interact with the tools currently integrated into their lifestyle, and the features and user experience they expect. This ongoing market research puts your new web and mobile portal at the forefront of the user’s expectations, ensuring successful conversion and a system that truly delivers.

With Digital Bananas, we don’t miss a thing. We are constantly up to date with technology and user experience trends to make sure you are meeting your customers at their point of need no matter what devices they use to access your portals.

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