Digital Bananas Technology (DBT) has officially launched a mobile referral system on the Android operating system. The Bank My Pals app has been specifically designed for incentive schemes, and is set to significantly increase your business’s reach and performance.

Bank My Pals is your business’s best friend. It transforms happy clients into brand ambassadors by creating a rewarding affiliate network that integrates social networking and mobile technology.

Satisfied customers download the app and add their contacts who would be interested in your service or product. When their friends successfully sign up, they are instantly rewarded with bankable funds that can be immediately transferred into their PayPal account.

Key features include:

  • Decide on your own reward fee
  • Create infographics and other designs to incentivise your customers
  • Integrates with your phone contacts for easy referrals
  • Grow your business and boost your satisfied customer base
  • Integrated with SalesForce CRM so your team can contact each hot lead and convert them quickly for maximum conversion rates
  • Currently on Android systems, with iOS coming soon

Bank My Pals currently runs successfully to promote the Career Insights E-Learning Platform. Users are paid £50 for every successful referral, and can track all referral progress and status through the sales pipeline at any time by logging in to their mobile app. Bank My Pals showcases an easy-to-use and friendly interface, dynamic infographics, and an attractive design; all of which make it an attractive incentive to add referrals and start earning.

  1. Add your contacts who are interested in the Career Insights program
  2. Track their status within the sales pipeline
  3. Bank your funds instantly to your PayPal account

No fuss, no hassle: just quick cash rewards for clever referrals. Download the app here to see how it works for yourself: