Digital Bananas Technology (DBT) has harnessed the power of social media with their new application for business owners: Reeviu.

The Reeviu plugin allows you to customise and display your Facebook reviews on your website. It takes the guesswork out of peer referrals by putting the largest and most successful social network to work for your business.

Facebook is the largest social network with the most significant impact on buyer decisions. People want to  know what their friends are buying, what they think, and what others think about a product before they invest in it too. They turn to social media to gather that information.

Thanks to instant mass communication and word-of-mouth referral, Facebook has removed obstacles and minimised geographic divides to bring those referrals to your fingertips. Reeviu takes it one step further and allows you to embed these reviews directly on to your business website. Now you can boost your conversion rates and online sales by 50%, simply by providing your clients with trusted social reviews.

  • Customers are already sharing information about you and your products online
  • Make the most of word-of-mouth referrals and embed these reviews on your website
  • Your clients make an informed decision from trusted social reviews
  • Reeviu is fully integrated with Facebook technology and updates
  • Customise the look and feel of your social reviews
  • Boost your conversion rates and online sales by 50%


This web application works on any platform and on any internet-ready device, ensuring that you never miss out on important social referrals for your business. Are you ready to take your customers’ social interaction to the next level and boost your online sales by 50%? It’s time to Reeviu. Discover more here: