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What we do

Digital Bananas is leading the way through intelligent digital media design and applications. We listen to your needs, visualise a solution and take the project from concept to actualisation. We're an ideas company, and we're constantly coming up with creative ways to give your business the cutting edge in digital media.

Talk to us about:
  • Mobile applications
    We have worked with iPhone and Android mobile applications, we've built Facebook applications, and we've integrated application roll-outs across multiple platforms.
  • Custom CMS applications
    We've built unique CMS platforms with sophisticated analytics and client reporting. Plug and play with your online business for better marketing and customer-reach.
  • Cutting-edge design
    Our team designs web banners, email marketing newsletters, websites, appliations and much more. If you can imagine it, we can make it real.
  • Software development
    Our developers are expert software analysers. We can build new software from the concept up, we can upgrade your existing software, and we can adapt and migrate any software packages.
  • E-commerce and Mobile commerce
    We've pioneered mobile commerce and video commerce technology, and transformed the way that e-commerce businesses operate. Talk to us if you want the best platforms and systems for your retail business.