Buyer-Informed Video Commerce Technology

Tellallmyfriends is a video commerce website that takes the power of e-commerce and elevates it to a whole new level with experiential video technology. Now you can watch a video about a product or service and BUY straight away from within the video. Why wait when you can get what you need right away from this fast, interactive sales platform?

How does it work?

Pioneered by Digital Bananas CEO and founder Keji Giwa, Tellallmyfriends uses V-BUY technology: Buyer-Informed Video Commerce. This enables customers to get the information they need about a product or service quickly and efficiently with uninterrupted video streaming across multiple devices, thereby facilitating an informed decision when making a purchase. This boosts positive conversion rates and creates a more desirable consumer-driven product market.

Use it anywhere, to sell anything

V-BUY technology is transferrable to any website, on any platform. This means that you too can harness the power of video commerce and transform your retail site into a trusted, reliable source for all of your customers’ needs. In turn, your customers can share your content on social media sites like Facebook with embedded videos and increase your reseller reach and networked potential.

How does it help my customers?

• Customers gain a unique insight into a product through streamed videos, and are not limited to products being sold by stock imagery or static pages • Customers are far more likely to buy through a video than through traditional product listings with images alone, enabling them to make an informed decision • Customers are able to build a trusted, reliable and informed decision about a product and brand based on first-hand experience and video tours • Customers are able to quickly and easily make a purchase, and share their experiences on social channels

Imagine the possibilities

Tellallmyfriends is just one example of this sophisticated v-commerce system at work. What could it do for your business? Visit Tellallmyfriends