Getting - and giving - the gifts everyone wants

The Grant My Wish app is a totally integrated lifestyle application. Combining the convenience of a birthday reminder application with the genius of mobile group-gifting, this app delivers an exciting new way to give and get gifts that you really want. Gone are the days of unwanted sweaters, returned gifts, and missed birthdays: With Grant My Wish, you’re about to become the best gift-giving genie in your social network.

How does it work?

Grant My Wish is a mobile application on Android and iOS. It integrates with Facebook to create a seamless automatically-managed birthday reminder function that means you’ll never miss a birthday again. Best of all, you can contribute towards a friend’s birthday wish with as little or as much as you’d like to give thanks to the power of mobile group gifting, giving them something they really want.

What is mobile group gifting?

Mobile group gifting is the easiest, fastest way to contribute towards a group gift without the hassle of arranging payments, calling around to find out who’s doing what, and managing gift lists. Now you can log in, see a friend’s wish list, and contribute any amount towards the gift. Done!

What about me?

You can also create your own wish list, lettings friends know what’s on your “must have” list of items or experiences for your big day. This enables you to do away with token gifts and e-cards: now, you can raise funds for something you’ll truly remember.

Key Features

• Never miss a birthday again thanks to push notification reminders • Join with other friends and contribute towards friends’ gifts • Create your own gift wishlist • Get what you really want for every occasion • Integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Phone contacts • Does all the hard work for you

How could this work for my business?

Add your own products and services to the app, create a dynamic group-gifting and group-buying platform, and change the way that your customers shop online and on mobile. Alternatively, use your very own mobile group-gifting app within your organisation to reward your staff or motivate employees. Download the Grant My Wish app today and see what all the fuss is about.