On the 23rd of February 2012 the creators of the new wish-granting app Grant My Wish were proud to be shortlisted for the prestigious Econsultancy awards in the Innovation in Customer & User Experience category.

Following the successful launch of the Grant My Wish app for the iPhone, the Grant My Wish team were honoured to find themselves in such esteemed company as Skype, Auto Trader UK, and the category winner Kiddiecare.com, to name but a few.

CEOs Keji Giwa and Daniel Agoye donned their best suits for the glittering awards ceremony at the Hilton Park Lane in London. With companies like Tesco, Debenhams, Net-A-Porter, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Comic Relief, Google, Orange, and Adobe all vying to take home some silverware, it was a truly star-studded occasion!

The Econsultancy Innovation Awards celebrate businesses that take chances, the ones that go into uncharted waters. They reward creative-thinking entrepreneurs who know that real success comes from breaking new ground. To quote the organisation themselves, Econsultancy wants to recognise “the ideas and work that are changing the way digital marketing is practiced.”

The Grant My Wish software is constantly evolving and  striving to be the best, most user-friendly group-gifting technology out there and it was a privilege and a pleasure to have our work acknowledged by this renowned Digital Marketing organisation.

Grant My Wish is the app that allows users to get the gift they really want. They can find their perfect gift in one of the many gift categories, each of which are chock-full of fantastic, unique experiences. When they’ve selected the gift, the occasion,  and the deadline, they then invite their friends and loved ones to join their Wish List. Wish List members can then chip in and share the cost of the gift. Now, price is no longer an obstacle and those expensive gifts that were always a bit out of reach are now up for grabs.

It’s always a tremendous feeling to be recognised for the work that you do. While being shortlisted for this award doesn’t alter our priorities, our method of working, or our goals, it’s wonderful to be noticed for the work that we are doing.

With a web version on the way, Grant My Wish will soon be more accessible than ever, allowing everyone to get what they want for that special occasion, and putting an end to unwanted Christmas socks!