We deliver an intensive and hands-on training program within a digital framework, covering a range of topics and specialities that are tailored to your team’s training requirements. Whether you are looking to further your individual professional development or want to send your business management team on a professional training course, our practical training modules provide what you need.

Each of our candidates is able to secure practical work experience working on innovative technology-driven projects across a number of sectors within the digital spectrum, giving Digital Bananas candidates a competitive edge over their peers. This approach makes all the difference, ensuring that all training candidates are able to hit the ground running when they return to the work environment.

Our training programs are fully accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute. Upon successful completion of a Digital Bananas Training Module, you leave as a qualified, accredited and highly experienced team member, ready to take on the world or add value to your current team.


DMIFully accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute

The courses we cover:

1. Digital & Agile Project Management

2. Digital & Agile Business Analysis

3. Digital Marketing – fully Accredited by the DMI and Certified Courses:

a. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

i. Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
ii. Module 2: Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
iii. Module 3: Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
iv. Module 4: Email Marketing
v. Module 5: Digital Display Advertising
vi. Module 6: Social Media Marketing (part 1)
vii. Module 7: Social Media Marketing (part 2)
viii. Module 8: Mobile Marketing
ix. Module 9: Analytics
x. Module 10: Strategy and Planning

b. Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

i. Module 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing
ii. Module 2: Content Creation
iii. Module 3: Content Outreach
iv. Module 4: Facebook
v. Module 5: Twitter
vi. Module 6: LinkedIn
vii. Module 7: Google+
viii. Module 8: YouTube
ix. Module 9: Future Trends
x. Module 10: Strategy and Planning

c. Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing

i. Module 1: Introduction to Mobile Marketing
ii. Module 2: Mobile Messaging
iii. Module 3: Mobile Sites
iv. Module 4: Mobile Apps
v. Module 5: Mobile Advertising
vi. Module 6: Mobile Video
vii. Module 7: Mobile Games Marketing
viii. Module 8: Mobile Commerce
ix. Module 9: Cross Channel
x. Module 10: Strategy and Planning
d. Professional Diploma in Search Marketing
i. Module 1: Introduction to Search Marketing
ii. Module 2: SEO Setup
iii. Module 3: SEO Content
iv. Module 4: SEO Workshop
v. Module 5: PPC Advertising – Search
vi. Module 6: PPC Advertising – Display Networks
vii. Module 7: PPC Advertising – Video
viii. Module 8: Analytics Setup
ix. Module 9: Analytics Applied
x. Module 10: Strategy and Planning

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