Go Mobile Showcasing Your Website For The Multi-Screen Consumer

Rectangle-111-fbdYour customers expect a great browsing experience. Do you have a website? Realising your customers are accessing your site via their mobiles devices a lot more these days? Well then, you have to go mobile as soon as you can. You could be losing potential sales just because your customers don’t find your site as user friendly compared to your competitors.

Mobilise your site and make it accessible anywhere and on any mobile device at any point in time.

Here at Digital Bananas Technology we provide a complete web and mobile solution and follow best practice based on user engagement, maintaining your brand and user experience on mobile. Here are just a few things we fanaically take into consideration when building your mobile site:

Accessibility & Availability

  • Quick to access important information landing page
  • Lead capturing pages
  • Branding and awareness
  • Easy to use and easy to find exactly what you need on the go
  • Fully optimised site

We’ll Keep it Quick

  • Your customers on mobile do not have a lot of time on their hands; your site must load as quickly as possible.
  • Your mobile site is not the same as your website. Your customers on mobile are on the move so we focus on using bullet points for easier reading.
  • Compress images for quick and faster loading

Navigate with ease

  • Find what you want when you want it – We will not confuse your users.
  • Minimise scrolling.
  • We make sure there is a clear hierarchy in your menu.
  • Help your customers navigate with home and back buttons.
  • Include no more than 7 links per page.

Go local

  • Put your address or store locater on the home page.
  • Include maps and directions, or GPS co-ordinates.
  • Let users check stock availability at nearby stores.

We make sure it’s thumb-friendly

  • Your thumbs operate mobile devices the most.
  • Use large centred buttons.
  • Include enough space to prevent accidental clicks.
  • Pad check boxes and smaller buttons to increase the clickable area.

We’ll make it seamless

  • Convert as much functionality of your desktop site to mobile.
  • Make popular search and shopping cart content saveable.
  • Maintain key features of your site across all channels.
  • Display same information for products/services.

We’ll design for visibility

  • There should be no eyestrain for the users.
  • Content should fit and be easy to read without having to zoom.
  • Use plenty of negative space.
  • Size and colour to point out link/button priority.
  • 3D effects and shadowing for buttons works well.

We’ll make it accessible

  • Your mobile site should work across all mobile handsets and browsers.
  • Use HTML 5 for advanced graphics and effects.
  • Adapt your site for horizontal and vertical orientations.