The Mission

We’ve embarked on an exceptional adventure in partnership with Lola Odujinrin (aka The Fall Guy). Our mission: To change the way that the world views Nigeria, and to demonstrate this country’s capabilities as a nation poised to achieve greatness.

Lola Odujinrin: flying around the world

Lola is a Nigerian adventurer, aerobatic stuntman, racer and airline pilot with a background in Aerospace Engineering. He has been flying aircrafts since 1999, and came up with the daring idea to embark on a global expedition to become the first African to circumnavigate the world solo in a single engine aircraft.

What makes this unique?

With 148 successful completions from America, Australia and Europe since 1929, it’s time for Africa to step up. Nigeria stands as the best launch-pad for such a historic achievement, given its unique status as Africa’s largest economy in terms of its total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Lola recently completed the most difficult segment of the expedition as he flew a light aircraft from Montana, USA to Ilorin, Nigeria across the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara Desert which amounts to 30% of the scheduled route.

Where do we come in?

Digital Bananas Technology has been tasked with the responsibility of managing the project’s web and mobile presence using social media, native apps on iOS and Android and their website which will showcase the entire journey in real time. Are you ready to Transcend? Follow the journey’s progress here

Accessible to the multiscreen user

The Transcend project is looking to make history by sponsoring the first African to fly round the world on a single engine aircraft. We were tasked with the job to create an online presence on web and on mobile.