Instructional whiteboard video

This instructional “how to” video uses storyboards and white boards combined with clever animation to create a multimedia showcase for Career Insights. It harnesses the power of video technology to provide an insightful and easy-to-follow portfolio piece.

Give your target audience exactly what they need

Entitled “How To Secure A PM Or BA Role Paying Up To £550 A Day,” this video is designed to target a specific market of professional consultants who are looking to further their career and develop their skillsets. It addresses a genuine need in the graduate and emergent markets, helping to boost professionals into the earning brackets they trained for.

Exceptional ROI for advertising material

This video is not just an instructional and educational platform: it served as marketing collateral for a social media campaign on Facebook and YouTube, converting in over £150,000 in revenue. With two versions running for 3 minutes and 1.45 minutes respectively, this video has the capacity to target time-poor individuals who need information fast through multiple networks and digital media platforms.

Key features

• Target your audience quickly and help them make an informed decision within 3 minutes • Use the video as market collateral across multiple networks and for social media advertising • Clever animation and instant fact-sharing generated over £150,000 in revenue and counting • Two versions create maximum reach and conversion potential • High ROI for any business advertising model

How could you use a video to raise revenue?

This particular showcase highlights the scope of Digital Bananas expertise, and also the potential power of social media marketing with minimal cost output. How would your business benefit from a video like this? Are you ready to triple your advertising ROI? Visit Career Insights