Digital Bananas Technology  (DBT) is proud to announce their most recent achievement: developing a technologically-advanced e-learning platform with a performance tracker and KPI indicators.

The Career Insights E-Learning Platform was developed out of the need to address a growing demand for sensible, easy-to-access learning for professionals who wish to further their career. These professionals needed flexible learning with hands-on experience without having to partake in full-time study.

Thanks to the partnership between DBT and Career Insights, this is now a reality. The adaptive and responsive e-learning application is designed specifically for professional development and allows candidates to improve their professional qualifications with all of the benefits of a collaborative boardroom environment online. They can work within dynamic and demanding teams from anywhere in the globe and still benefit from expert tuition and guidance.

Key benefits of this platform include:

  • Adaptive and responsive e-learning application for professional development
  • A multitude of courses and advanced course material for all levels of education
  • Interactive and collaborative interface gives users an exceptional hands-on experience
  • Clear KPI and performance tracking for each candidate‚Äôs progress
  • Interactive tools like KPI progress tracker, video tutorials, personality tests, interview questions and answers, quizzes and more

This web portal has the potential to be adapted into any learning environment to promote academic self-study and professional development. With an exceptional success rate, an excellent pass rate for all training modules, and an impressive increase in professional and personal achievements after completing courses, this e-learning application is growing quickly to meet with learner demand.

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