Digital Bananas Technology (DBT) is a cutting-edge technology company that specialises in digital development, digital marketing and exceptional UI design. This year, DBT has launched the DBT Awards 2014 with a view to celebrating the success of their candidates who have performed exceptionally within DBT’s acclaimed training program.

The Awards Ceremony is set to be a night of glitz and glamour, as the most dedicated and successful candidates are elevated in status and honoured for their commitment to their training. DBT takes into account the many long hours and perseverance many of their training candidates invest in their training, and most importantly, recognises their successes and determination to succeed.

DBT: training the best of the best

Thanks to its enviable placement at the forefront of the digital technology industry, DBT is uniquely positioned to combine tried-and-tested methodologies developed and adopted for the ever-changing digital landscape with the latest in trends and client demands.

All training candidates that come through the DBT modules are exposed to this award-winning approach, and are able to learn first-hand what it means to apply an agile and adaptive business strategy.

As such, candidates who complete their training and successfully secure a promotion or a job, or those who perform exceptionally during training, are invited to attend the DBT Awards. Nominees are put forward in recognition of their outstanding achievement, and award-winners are honoured in person and on the DBT Awards website.

For nominees, winners, and more information, visit the DBT Awards site here: