Digital Bananas Technology (DBT), a dedicated technology company founded by CEO Keji Giwa, are proud to announce that they have gained accreditation from the Digital Marketing Institute. Now, with this additional accreditation, their high-level training courses are able to springboard professionals into the world of top earnings with intelligent courses delivered by acclaimed mentors and tutors.

DBT has developed a sophisticated e-learning platform for professional development and self-study, including a number of courses on popular topics to obtain a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, a Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing, a Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing and a Professional Diploma in Search Marketing. All of these courses are accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute.

Additionally, the team of professional mentors at DBT offer training and courses on Digital and Agile Project Management, as well as Digital and Agile Business Analysis. This sophisticated approach to digital technology is what sets Digital Bananas Technology apart from the rest as a supplier of Digital Technology solutions and app interface developers, and now they’re making this an accessible and teachable skill for other businesses and professionals.

The Digital Marketing Institute was founded in 2008 to tackle the growing digital skills shortage and help people to upskill, retrain and kick-start their digital marketing career. Today, their courses and accreditation carry significant weight and importance in the Digital Technology industry. Digital Bananas Technology is proud to be a certified Digital Marketing Institute Education Partner.
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